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June 2020


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From our R&D department we are working to improve the quality and yield on diverse Medicinal & Aromatic plants (MAPs). TricoStimulant™ is a last-generation supplementary plant preparation that combines metabolic engineering and -omics tools especially formulated to enhance MAPs physiological properties.

After the success of TricoStimulant™ with our first product, Artennua®,  we are adapting and personalizing our innovative technology towards other MAPs of special interest as the preliminary results with basil we present today. Basil (Ocimum basilicum) has been used as a medicinal and aromatic plant for centuries. Nowadays it is used in many fields of human activity, especially in the food industry and in gastronomy. It is one of the species of aromatic medicinal plants that has a high content of essential oils, especially eugenol, widely used in medicine. Basil is also important for the pharmaceutical industry and is still used in traditional medicines in many parts of the world due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties and for treating gastric, respiratory and urinary disorders. 

Our preliminary results are promising and show that we are on the right way, as we observed a very powerful effect significantly increasing both the aerial fresh weight and the number of leaves in basil plants. Indeed, figure 1 shows how different doses of TricoStimulant™ applied exert their beneficial effect on basil plants in hydroponic systems. As shown in the graph we have obtained an increase of 60% in the number of leaves and 55% in shoot fresh weight. As these are powerful preliminary results, our conviction is that we will achieve greater increases in the near future and we are working towards this goal.

To better illustrate the effect of our technology on basil plants, figure 2 shows how applications of increasing doses of TricoStimulant™ correlate with increased growth and development of the plant. We are proud of our TricoStimulant™ and we are convinced that this technology has a promising future to improve therapeutic potential on other MAPs.

Figure 1: Shoot fresh weight, leaves numbers , are shown after the application of different doses of TricoStimulant™ on nutrient and non-nutrient substrates.

Figure 2: The results onshoot fresh weight and leaves number of the application of increasing doses of TricoStimulant™ applied to plants grown in soil substrate are shown from left to right.


150 150 marketing

We continue working in our research to collaborate with a treatment for the COVID-19.

Watch the CMM Castilla-La Mancha Media interview about our work with Artemisia annua and its possible application in the fight against the virus.

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150 150 marketing

Our company Tricopharming was included by the ABC newspaper in the top of the biotechnology and ICT companies that are committed to development and innovation in Spain thanks to our biotechnology based on biopharmaceutical agriculture and our first success case Artennua®, a optimized version of Artemisia annua.

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