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El Referente, in collaboration with the EIT Food iVZW organization founded by the European Union, has published the Map of the Agrotech ecosystem in Spain, made up of public-private actors and 143 startups, among which we have been highlighted as a company working on digitization and technological evolution within the agricultural world.

Thanks to the emergence of new projects and initiatives aimed at overcoming the difficulties of a sector that sometimes shows production systems stuck in the past. The report of investment in innovative companies in the Agri-Food-Tech world has increased by 15.5% in 2020, reaching $26.1 billion.

“The health and social crisis has reminded us that for employment, social activity and services to work, the primary sectors must do so. The 2020 scenario has brought back some general recognition to the agricultural and livestock sector, enhancing, in turn, debates on the quality and origin of products and evidencing the resilience and innovation opportunities existing in the primary sector.

Agrotech in Spain is one of the sectors that has experienced the greatest resilience and attraction of capital in 2020.

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