The genus Cannabis, which includes hemp or marihuana, is originally from the highlands of Central Asia, but is now spread worldwide thanks to human intervention. Because of its fast propagation and environmental adaptability, Cannabis species had a great impact on the expressions of various cultures. Indeed, Cannabis genus has been used since centuries as a source of textile fibre and seed oil, as a medicinal plant or even as a psychotropic and mystical and spiritual tool (Malpica et al., 2009; Ben Amar, 2006). It is an annual herbaceous plant, and whose peculiar characteristic is that it presents different types of trichomes, or vegetable hairs, which are responsible for synthesizing interesting medicinal biomolecules.

Probably the “best known” ingredient of Cannabis trichomes is the psychoactive molecule a Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); however more than 480 compounds have been identified in Cannabis genus, and some of them have very important therapeutic properties (Elsohly M,2005). Indeed, there are several Cannabis sativa varieties with a minimum and permitted by law content of this THC molecule but very high content of other molecules,  such as cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) with high therapeutic value. The functionality of CBD and CBG molecules in low THC content Cannabis species is the main reason that this medicinal plant is starting to be used commercially due to its therapeutic properties to treat gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic, neurodegenerative and/or neuroinflammatory diseases (Ben Amar, 2006). 

We have validated our TricoStimulant technology on diverse Cannabis sativa varieties that include medicinal Cannabis sativa and hemp in order to improve not only plant biomass, specifically bud biomass and hemp fiber content, but also to significantly increase the concentration of essential biomolecules such as CBD, CBD-A and CBG that are starting to be strongly used in pharma and nutraceutical markets. Interestingly, Biotech Tricopharming Research is continuously conducting R+D for the development of new innovative green technologies that improve different physiological and metabolic aspects of this important medicinal crop and that soon will be launched on the market.

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