Plant Molecular Pharming or Biopharming combines biotechnology and agriculture to produce valuable medicinal products in plants at reduced costs. Indeed, biopharming represents an unprecedented opportunity to manufacture affordable modern medicines including therapeutic molecules, antibodies or even vaccines, and offer them globally. In addition, it is an interesting alternative to current production systems that use microbial and mammalian cells as bioreactors and reduces production costs significantly. Moreover, an interesting advantage is that most of the products produced in plants, through leaves or seeds, can be stored for long periods without need for refrigeration.

We have created our own research line in Plant Molecular Pharming that combines agriculture, -omics tools and metabolic engineering to exploit in a natural way plant trichomes, small epidermal protrusions on leaves surfaces, as natural factories to produce high-quality medicinal metabolites. We envision using plant trichomes for therapeutic molecules, food preservatives or natural repellents production. Trichomes peculiarity is that are capable of synthesizing and storing large amounts of specialized molecules, which some of them are known to have therapeutically properties as artemisinin. Our global mission to achieve is not only to synthetize high quality “discovered molecules” with significant commercial value, but also to enable the discovery of novel therapeutic molecules produced in other plant species trichomes.

As a consequence of the several years of research  on our own Plant Molecular Pharming research line, we have been able to develop and validate, in lab and field, our first intellectual protected technology. TricoStimulant is our 100% natural technology that is able to increase the synthesis of therapeutic molecules in diverse MAPs. Other different R&D activities are still being carried out to extend this currently opened Plant Molecular Pharming research lines to the development of new products and technologies for manufacturing affordable modern medicinal molecules in planta.