Biotech Tricopharming Research (Tricopharming for short), led by Dr. Luis Matías Hernández, was set up in 2015 to investigate different techniques, from metabolic engineering to -omic tools approaches, to optimize different plants that produce diverse medicinal and aromatic compounds in their trichomes (or plant hairs).

After obtaining very promising results with Artemisia annua plant, both in lab and field, we are validating and personalizing our technology solutions on different medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). Currently our mission is to enhance the synthesis of therapeutic molecules of interest in MAPs trichomes. Beyond our own R&D and products we also provide personalized R&D services and field trials to other companies and research centres that are looking to improve the production of commercially viable plants for the pharma, nutraceutical and natural cosmetics sectors.

In 2016, Luis Matías Hernández and Chiara Sanseverino, as part of Sequentia Biotech’s R&D Tricopharming department, presented a proposal for the R&D outcomes of Luis research. It finally ends with the successful approval of a Neotec funding project (CDTI, Spanish Government). That was the beginning of the Plant Molecular Pharming department and the seed for the creation of a new green biotech start-up: in October 2018 Biotech Tricopharming Research is founded.

Today our team, leadered by co-founders Luis Matias and Chiara Sanseverino, both 100% involved, is an international and multidisciplinary one, coming both from scientific and business experience and having a long history of collaboration and successfully go-to-market projects R&D sourced.

Since 2015, we have matched scientific excellence with entrepreneurial spirit. In 2018 we moved from the UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Campus to our headquarters at Barcelona Activa Hub for Tech Start-ups MediaTIC (@22 District) after having participated in the Barcelona Activa Pre-Acceleration Program. Additionally, we have our production-center and R&D department at Finca El Pico, Tenerife island.


Trichomes are the small epidermal protrusions or ‘hairs’ on the surfaces of leaves of most plants. Biologically, they are used for self-defence: they provide protection against high temperature, radiation, wind, humidity, pests and herbivore attacks. Trichomes’ peculiarity is that they are able to synthesize, store and sometimes secrete large amounts of specialized metabolites which could have significant therapeutic and commercial value in sectors such as natural cosmetics, animal health, pharma and nutraceuticals. The problem is that, usually, these metabolites are produced in very small quantities. Tricopharming applies biotechnology and agriculture to help optimize the concentration of these compounds of interest, as well as the number of trichomes and the general growth of the plants. Tricopharming is 100% natural, sustainable and scalable.